Would this forum work better as a Facebook group?

(Andrew Chen) #1

Now that this forum is a couple years old, it’s been interesting to watch it slowly grow. I have to admit, after two years, it’s been a slow build. I think a lot of it is that going to a whole separate destination is always hard.

Have been thinking that I should try this whole thing out as a Facebook group. What do y’all think? Since we’re all on there already, maybe it’d be easier to stay involved.


(Ricky Yean) #2

I come in here once in a while through the email digest. Facebook works better for me, but I’m curious to see how you’d keep the quality of the discussions high.

(Andrew Chen) #3

I’ve never really tried to start/manage a large Facebook group, so it’s a good question :slight_smile: I feel like for myself personally, it’d help to be on Facebook so that I see the threads more often and can interact…

Definitely hard though. I wanted the SEO originally when starting this, but would probably need to be more involved in the community and link to specific discussions.

(Ryan Hashemi) #4

I would say it depends on what direction you want to take the FB group. I’m in 10 different FB groups, have joined and left dozens more, and am an active admin of one. With that being said, the majority of the time I spend on FB is in groups - so much knowledge to be shared, so much activity, so much community. It’s one of the best things to happen to me from a networking and learning perspective.

However, not all FB groups are made equally. I’m in a couple that have 10,000+ members and are solely focused on growth-hacking; they suck now.

Without question, the best FB groups I’ve been in have about 1,000-2,000 members, entry is somewhat selective, and there are active admins to ensure quality is sustained. If you can maintain the quality of the group, it is definitely the direction this community should go. Currently, FB groups > Slack communities > Telegram groups > Forum communities.

(Ahamed Baseer) #5

Better to separate website like this.


  • as others said the quality can be maintained and it’s going to be hard on controlling this

  • there is no automation in facebook groups to approve or disapprove (for example : sales pitch)

  • privacy issues

  • this discussion as asset. In facebook group, a post which is one year old and could be still a worthy knowledge for anyone GOING TO BE MISSED OUT

  • this groups provide option to classify and streamline informations

The things which could be improved in this group :

  1. Set the direction on wht should be discussed and not
  2. Tell clearly It is for who
  3. Improve the portal as well
  4. Mobile growth site by branch.co does well on this

Thanks to everyone who have been helping people in the community!

(Pranjali Anil Deshpande) #6

I prefer this website, as i have it bookmarked in Chrome, and can reach for it in a single click.
With Facebook, you will be competing for attention from all the other groups / activities that people can do while they are on Facebook. The attention span will be lower. A simple FB message can take someone away from what they are doing on FB.

I have quit social media, and only engage in blogs / discussions that i find meaningful.
Maybe that also leads me to suggest that you reconsider moving to Facebook.

(mark stagi) #7

For me I prefer to get the email digest and then pop into a separate site without distractions to have a focused conversation.

(Bill King) #8

I guess it comes down to what you want for the time you invest @andrewchen

Personally, I find myself fatigued by other mediums that are a bit faster paced but may grow quicker. Sometimes new contributor growth can be a detractor to the experience. I look at this group like I do a printed book, where I read something of high value and have time to really think through what it means. Other mediums, the content just doesn’t stick as well for me, or the overall quality of the engagement isn’t as high in my opinion.

I think what I hear you saying is you want the SEO value, which makes a ton of sense for this platform. My suggestion would be to have a more formal publishng plan on here. Perhaps request that users (who want to) commit to content/discussion. Perhaps monthly themes? Happy to jam with you if you want to think through ideas.

(Zak Kinion) #9

Most FB groups I’ve been in that seem to grow larger quickly turn into cesspools to only get flooded by spam or abandoned by real discussion a few months after initial growth.

(Nicola Strand) #10

I like that this is separate from Facebook, but I understand why you’d ask that question. If your concern purely is around activity/amount of discussion, have you considered Slack? I’m in a global analytics Slack group which has different channels dedicated to different aspects of analytics (e.g. GTM channel, Google Analytics channel, Data Viz channel, local channels etc) and it works really well. It’s great for tapping into a strong hive mind instantly and there are people from ‘famous’ faces in the industry to novices. The disadvantage of Facebook is that it quickly gets quite difficult to manage and even if the community management is spot on, threads can quickly get lost in larger groups which can isolate some

(David Heflin) #11

I’m not a Facebook user so this forum would work best. That or a Telegram group.

(Jason Robinson) #12

But I just joined this group!!! :slight_smile:

My opinion on FB groups is similar to many that have been expressed well above.

I’m a member of more FB groups than I want to admit, and I get value from a few of them. The ones that I visit tend to be the ones that show up with new updates in my notifications list.

So far, I have been joining a lot of FB groups and seeing how much value arises, but I’ll winnow the list eventually.

Most FB groups seem to be converging in usefulness to most LI groups. I’m a member of ~50 LI groups, but I’ve silenced most of the email digests, so I almost never go to them.

I am a member of a few Slack communities that I pretty much never visit. Slack is a great tool, but it also needs to be actively managed to avoid junk.

(Tobias Feistmantl) #13

I think Discourse the best way to go for discussion communities like that. It increases the quality of discussions overall and gives you a lot of helpful tools exactly for that purpose.

Because it’s a growth hacking community I also want to point out that quick growth in a community like that can cause a mess. In my opinion goes quality over quantity here.

And even if you want the community to go big, is Discourse still the best way to handle the community. The whole gamification way brings a lot of quality into the process. Just look at Stack Overflow. It’s one of the most important resources, if not the most important, for programmers.

But you could probably do a few thinks in SEO to get found easier. Best would be to start with HTTPS :wink: :smile:

(Sydney Wong) #14

Has there been a decision made if there will be a facebook group?

(Andrew Chen) #15

I’m going to revert it back to forums! Trying to reboot this thing :slight_smile:

(Darren Cassidy) #17

Happy to hear that! I’m a new comer off a recent push from the blog

(Andrew Chen) #18