Will we see more specific categories to organize and filter topics?

(Vinish Garg) #1

This is for Andrew. When I see ‘Products’ category, do you plan to have more categories for specific topics within ‘Products’ such as ‘design and UX’, ‘growth strategy’, ‘phone apps’, ‘marketing’, ‘sales and acquisition’, ‘technology’, and others?

I am not a fan of sub-categories, so we can have such categories at the higher level itself!

(Andrew Chen) #2

I’m actually thinking about removing categories altogether :slight_smile: Who needs categories when you have search?

I’m still experimenting with Discourse so who knows…

(Vinish Garg) #3

Got it. So, you will keep categories at the back end (taxonomy?), to facilitate search but users will not see these categories. Needs to see how it works when the list of really grows!