Who's working on cryptocurrencies?

(Andrew Chen) #1

Curious to hear who’s super involved in crypto - obviously buying it, but also developing products/content in the space. It’s a small community right now but in particular if you have experience trying to grow products/services in the space, would like to start a thread on that!

(Kaze A. Onguene) #2

Hi Andrew,
We do use blockchain for data integrity purposes + a token base business model for some of our services.
if you are interested in do not hesitate to PM me.


(Jason Chan) #3

Hi Andrew,

I’m working with a group called the Pillar Project. They’re working on a wallet for crypto, but also to store all manner of other data that you would want control over. The overall concept is a personal data locker, where you own your data and selectively grant access to it.

More here! https://pillarproject.io


(Rich Akhmerov) #4

Extremely fascinated by cryptocurrencies as I’m sure everyone in this thread is. Currently reconfiguring my agency to focus on ledger related products - raise awareness, relay branding, etc.

(Ali Zewail) #5

We’re working on blockchain ledgers, involving both currency-based exchanges and other transactions.

(Zak Kinion) #6

ICO Related:

I get roughly 2 offers a week on my old Upwork.com account from “companies” wanting ERC20 Ethereum development done. Just about every single one that I talk to has absolutely no experience shipping product and a dubious “team”. They’ll make a nice landing page with videos and a semi fake team and toss together a white paper pdf. Some even want me to write their white paper for them. Literally none have any vague notion as to how they’re going to use the ICO money to ship product and a decent amount have no desire to even try to do so. It’s really horrific. This ICO bubble is going to end badly.

The most disturbing trend is people simply adding “X industry w/ blockchain”, like in the past startups would pitch “Uber for X” when there’s really no need for blockchain in whatever it is they’re describing.

(Alexandre Ferrari) #7


I’m actively looking for places that can easy classify how great is a ICO who is coming.
Someone knows or, if not, can point some people that can help?


(Arthur Polk) #8

Hi Andrew and fellow Crypto enthusiasts -

I’m super involved in Crypto. My crypto/VC blog and research page is cyber abbey. Here’s a link to a recent study I did about Blockchain-Enabled Healthcare Technology startups: Study. Here I provide valuation methodology, insight and research.

I’m a recent 2017 graduate looking for a career, however this research and initiative is currently my independent immersive initiative. I assist certain groups with projects already - CFX Markets and Pegasus Fintech are two of these startups.

I’m also the LinkedIn organizer and student for the Kauffman Fellows Academy & Techstars 2017 fall venture deals course. Our group has over 1,100 VCs / Founders, many of which are involved in or founders of crypto “ventures” and startups.

Hope we can connect. Also, if you know of anyone who needs an analyst… please put me in touch.

(Les Wilkinson) #9

Thanks Andrew. I’m with Hashed Health. We leverage blockchain technologies to build distributed solutions for the healthcare enterprise. While we are mainly focused on blockchain rather than crypto, we continue to explore opportunities where the use of a native token can drive network effects.

(Lateef Mauricio) #10

Hi Les - Hashed Health has an awesome purpose. In addition to the services you offer, the consortium model will be super important in the blockchain world…in fact, in any space that requires the management of data. By chance do you have any government or global development case studies? I’d love to profile them on my site: http://blockchain.machetemag.com/