Who's going to CES?

(Mark Tan) #1

What are you most excited about? Interested to meet people who are working on the smart home space. We are actively exploring product development (smart cam, locks, bulbs, wearables, etc), bundles (carrier, insurance), and app development (AI, voice, content feed) in the future. Would love to connect with people in these areas and potentially meet at the venue. About Wyze: https://goo.gl/Jyf382

(Charles Adler) #2

Welp I’m not going to CES, at least it’s not yet planned…

But your comment sparked a response :slight_smile:

I’m most excited in giving people access to tools that enable them to produce their own independent creative projects. Kickstarter aided this mission through access to capital via a community of fans. My next endeavor, Lost Arts, aims to enable creators with access to manufacturing via a community of contract fabricators & manufacturers.

So your project is interesting to me. If I make it out to CES, I’d be down to meet up.