Which apps did mark 2017?

(Bojan Babic) #1

Let’s talk AR/VR, e-commerce, communication, productivity, leisure or any other app that you fell in love in 2017.

(Emily Lonetto) #2

Fell in love with Autopilot this year.
If Lucid Chart, MailChimp, and a Segmentation Tool had a baby, it would be Autopilot.

I’ve been using it to score MQLs and Engagement, smart segment our users and send targeted messages based on their in-app + website activity. Plus, their campaign/journey builder is far more comprehensive than I’ve seen in Intercom, MailChimp or SendWithUs.

(Sydney Wong) #3

I actually wrote this blog on New Years Eve about this topic! Best of all, they are free!

(Lin Ling) #4

Have you considered hull.io or customer.io? We are using this in conjunction. JW how autopilot compares.

(Sunny Chawla) #5

Podio is a business collaboration and works management platform that’s super flexible and customizable.You can see the more list of the best application here - http://bit.ly/2oLnuMA.