Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego ;) ...or better yet...everyone located?

(Shaena Harrison) #1

Hi everyone! Just getting into the thick of things here…where is everyone located in the world? Do we have a way to list where everyone is in a smart techy way?

I’ll start…I’m in Stockholm, Sweden

(marie weaver) #2

Hello everyone, i am Marie, from UK, Thanks to all for connection with andrewchen,

(Emily Goldring) #3

Hi all! I’m Emily and I’m American but live in Tel Aviv, Israel.

(Sam Emblem) #4

Hey everyone! I’m Sam and I’m in Toronto, Ontario, Canada :slight_smile:

(Rich Akhmerov) #5

San Francisco, California :slight_smile:

(Ran Flasterstein) #6

Nice! I’m Israeli but I live in Ohio. =)

(Dan Zhao) #7

Hey there! I am from Mountain View, CA

(Kate Harvey) #8

Hi from Phoenix, AZ (wishing I was somewhere else during the HOT Phoenix summer!)

(marvin meng) #9

hi all, hangzhou, china

(Sau Noddings) #10

Hi all, Im from sunny Dubai

(Andy Norwood) #11

Hello to all, Andy Norwood here from Atlanta but live in Denver, CO heading up the BD efforts for AdAction Interactive. Excited to be a part of this great group!

(Bonnie Halper) #12

Hello, all, and I’m in New York City. Mostly.

(Nitasha Walia) #13

Coming from San Francisco, CA!

(Nabeel Azeez) #14

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. :wink:

(Abhiram) #15

Hi everyone, I live in Bengaluru, India.

(Bill King) #16

I’m based in Charlotte, NC

(Christophe Limpalair) #17

I’m in Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas! Moved about a year ago from Greenville, South Carolina so not far from @BillKing in Charlotte!

(Steve Willson) #18

Steve, in Toronto, home to the new Sidewalk Toronto tech development!

(Andy McIlwain) #19

Also in Toronto, Canada. :slight_smile: Working remotely for GoDaddy.