What's your top 3 productivity tools?

(Nick Kononelos) #41

Workflowy - Awesome outliner! Finding all sorts of cool ways to use it across many categories
Shared Google Docs - It’s amazing how many large companies don’t use it so converting them to using it is nice!
Trello - when I was using it more in a small team environment

(Leonarda) #42

As an educator, I use these tools to boost my productivity:

Unplag plagiarism checker - saves my time and allows to communicate with students online
Prezi - beautiful tool to create presentations and engage students in learning process

(mesay) #43

Evernote (OneNote is getting there)
Pocket: so much to read, so little time
Sunrise: I’m not happy that I’m going to lose it. It’s such an awesome calendar app

(Eugen Ilie) #44

Thanks for sharing. Just started using Trello and it’s really cool

(Gui Cardoso) #45

Todoist for personal tasks
Hazel - major key, I use it to fully automate all my folders and files. Mac only
F.lux - it makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day. Will make a difference to your sleep quality.

(McKenzy Germain) #46

Current: my iPhone

  • Evernote
  • Wunderlust
  • Outlook
  • Google Calendar

Past: work related

  • Shotgun Software (Acquired by Autodesk)
  • Trello
  • Big Brother - proprietary production and operations software at Luma pictures

Currently Assessing:

  • Workamajig
  • Workfront
  • Citrix Podio

(Monika) #47
  1. Slack - messaging app for teams, best & super easy way to communicate

  2. Woodpecker - cold e-mails & follow-ups sent automatically from your mailbox

  3. Appoint.ly - a tool for streamline appointment scheduling, integrating with Google/iCal/Outlook calendar makes scheduling appointments super easy


(Srinath) #48

Google docs.

I found that that the first thing you can do to improve productivity is to start writing down what you did. I try to make it a habit.

When your tasks are fragmented (like mine are, as a founder), it is hard to pick up context at the end of every break. A journal helps you pick up threads faster.

(alfredo Santos) #49
  1. Outlook for iOS. For me, the best email app out there that fully integrates with your calendar and Dropbox,Gdrive and BOX
  2. Todoist Premium for business. I just can’t leave without a to do list based on GTD
  3. Evernote, for quickdrafts, and all the other note-taking.

(avidlearner) #50

I am a big fan of Candidate.ai for email hunting. Free forever

(Jordi Favà) #51

Our company has part of the team working remotely

  • Slack/geekbot: for team communication, daily team management and standup meetings remotely
  • Asana: project management
  • Calendar: if a task is important, it must bé schedduled :slight_smile:

(Maciek Pietrzyk) #52
  1. CloudApp - Sharing visually vs typing everything all the time is clutch
  2. Slack - Beats email, quick, efficient, organized
  3. Trello - Great way to keep track of bugs

(John) #53

Taskade (I co-founded)

We also just launched on Product Hunt! :slight_smile:

(Victor Manrique) #54

1. Trello - Better than anything else
2. Slack - Going for the easy pick here
3. Fantastical 2 - Peace of mind :smiley:

Extra: Segment - This is just a blessing from all points of view

(Sarah Leach) #55

My favorite tools for improving content quality are:

(Ronald Wish) #56

Productivity tools are good for sure, but i didn’t find anything thing spacial in my. Recently i start using AHREFS it’s an premium website explorer in order to track my competitors activity. Possibly there are many things to learn about ahrefs online tool but i found his services poor than we Accept

AHREFS best thing is his support

(Rakesh Budhe) #57

Thanks for sharing tools. really helpful tools. We will start using it.

Rakesh Budhe
SoftLink International Pvt. Ltd.