What's your top 3 productivity tools?

(Anand Jain) #21

At work I use -

  1. Slack
  2. Trello
  3. Email

I’d also count Twitter as my productivity tool since I get trending stories, top news etc. from the people I follow.

(kathleen smith) #22

Productivity junkie here…

  1. Papaly - No joke, I would be a mess without this incredible bookmarking tool.

  2. Evernote - I tried OneNote in earnest, and despite EN’s shortcomings, I still think it’s the best tool for notes and screenshot clippings.

  3. OS X Dictionary/Thesaurus - This is embarrassing to admit, but up until very recently I didn’t even realize there was an OS X desktop dictionary/thesaurus. Now, it’s a permanent fixture on my dock.

Runners up… Slack, Grammar.ly, Silicio (great desktop widget for Spotify), Sip (color picker menu bar app) and Yoink

(Ethan Chen) #23
  • Evernote for research / notes
  • A paper weekly calendar for time blocking and goal reminders
  • RescueTime for tracking

(Abhiraj Butala) #24
  • Trello!
  • Momentum Chrome Extension (for daily ToDo list @work)
  • Way Of Life (to track various habits/goals on a daily basis)

(19 west) #25

IaaS at your fingertips right there.

(Olabinjo Adeniran) #26


(James Mansfield) #27

Spotify + earbuds

(Jerad Maplethorpe) #28

1 - AirMail 2
2 - Evernote
3 - closing AirMail 2

4 - Slack
5 - SelfControl
6 - PhpStorm

(Devang) #29
  1. Plain old index cards.
  2. Slack.
  3. Phone call

(Tarik Kurspahic) #30

Full disclosure, I am the CTO and a co-founder @ personal.com, but we eat our own dog food and my whole life is in there, so:

  1. Personal.com
  2. Slack
  3. Chrome Dev Tools :smile:

Then, Trello, JIRA, Buffer, Pocket, Pandora, Adobe Creative Suite, XCode, etc

(Steve Lucas) #31

Apple iCal

(Eugenio) #32
  1. Google Drive - I always find and have files on hand + collaborative;
  2. Slack - searchable reasoning of the decisions taken;
  3. Google Calendar - to schedule for yourself and others :slight_smile:

(Malte Nuhn) #33

Inbox, Fantastical (!!), Trello

(Benedikt Bingler) #34

Andrew, did you ever give StandupMail a try?

(Yuvrajsinh) #35


(Alexis) #36

Evernote - Dumping ground for ideas, note taking, saved articles, to-do lists
Buffer - Makes managing multiple social media account reallly easy
Coggle - Mind mapping and brainstorming

(Santiago) #37

1- Evernote, it’s like my second brain.
2- Trello.
3- Rapportive, It helps me a lot to know more about new potential customers.

(Sanghyuk Cho) #38

My favorite tools are:

  • Asana for project management
  • Slack for team communication
  • Google News for on-demand news updates

(d) #39

I am using all three. Thanks. The correct link to Brain.fm is https://www.brain.fm Most will have figured it out eventually.

  1. Sketchboard.me - organize ideas, diagram complex topics
  2. Evernote and skitch
  3. Trello

Dash - 150 + searcheable API documents
Popclip - copy paste made easier for Mac
Airmail 2