What's your top 3 productivity tools?

(Benedikt Bingler) #1

What’s your most loved productivity tools? I’d be interested in learning what you guys can recommend!

(Benedikt Bingler) #2

Mine are:


(Andrew Woodberry) #3

I use:

  • WorkSmart – an online sharepoint alternative (disclosure: I do consulting work for their parent company)
  • Trello - nice visual layout for planning projects
  • Evernote - an oldie, but a goodie. i’m a big note taker

(corbin) #4

I have a “top 6” - but, if I could pick only 3:

  • Seconding your recommendation of Wunderlist. We currently have about 70 lists there and counting…
  • Seconding @andrewpwoodberry andrewpwoodberry’s reocmmendation of Evernote. The digital dumping ground, file system, OCR tracker, and recently—my client presentation tool.

Would add these if I could pick 6:

  • Focus@Will: Set to 55-minute focus blocks.
  • Sublime Text 3: Running multiple projects just with this. Dizzying speed, chunks through gig+ text files like butter.
  • Alfred 2: Hard to find things without it any more.

(Pablo Chacin) #5
  1. Trello. It’s great for organizing and now with its integration with other tools (Drive, Box, slack, hangouts,…) is even better
  2. Slack. It’s changing how I communicate around projects, groups of people, etc.
  3. Plain old google calendar. It’s amazing how you can improve your productivity just by allocating slots of time for things.

(Jake Peters) #6
  • Brain.fm brain.fm
    I do 30-minute tracks then have a little break. Rinse and repeat. Pretty awesome little service.
  • RescueTime rescuetime.com
    This one’s a little more reactive, but it gives me a good impression of how much time I’m spending on stuff.
  • Nimble nimble.com
    This one doesn’t really class as a productivity tool, but it sure keeps me organized. I used to spend a lot of time organizing the connections in my life and remembering to followup. Nimble helps me stay organized (and sane)

(Kamal Ravikant) #7

Streak: Simple CRM in your gmail.
Slack: Because, well, it works.
Evernote: Dumping ground for everything.

(Andrew Chen) #8

(Robert Ravanshenas) #9

1 - Worklife - keeps my meetings productive, and (mostly) painless
2. Buffer - keeps my social media presence strong, even when I’m not on top of it
3. Pocket - organizes all content I’ve read and would like to read, cross platform

(Andrew Chen) #10

Agree. Definitely could not live without Streak.

(Branden S) #11
  • Without a doubt, Droplr (screenshots, screencasts, annotations, file sharing, video reactions - it’s hard to imagine working without it now)
  • Jumpcut for Mac
  • Trello

(joshua bradley) #12

Focuster - the best way to integrate what you have to get done into your actual schedule
Insight Timer - 30 minutes of meditation makes me way more effective
Moleskine notebook - not as sexy as an app, but you’d be surprised at how different the quality of your productivity is by hand writing out notes, daily top 10 lists of thoughts, writing posts longhand first.

(Chris Hamoen) #13

Evernote - even when imperfectly used, it’s still the best for notes/etc.
Slack - distributed team collab - it’s the best. Only fails when people move too far from email.
Excel - I don’t think anyone mentioned it.

Runners up: skitch, omnigraffle.

(Victor) #14

Things …really thoughtful user experience (all GTD based concepts)…great for personal tasks, captures out of web, email, docs, whatever for teicket content…but does NOT allow cross users…which may make me take a harder look at Trell
Slack…it works, they get it
now much else (google docs, Box.com over DropBox)

(Rick Kats) #15




(Sarah Vilay) #16

@Benedikt: are you on the free version of Wunderlist or the subscription? It’s definitely one of my top 3 tools but I am curious if it’s worth the charge.

(Don Stayner) #17

Whoa - focuster is super cool. They seem to have nailed my use case perfectly. Great tip!

(Paul Steckler) #18

Mine are:

  1. Wunderlist - I need a task list to focus my 3 tasks daily
  2. Pomodone - I love the pomodoro method and this app integrates with Wunderlist
  3. Spotify - music to keep me focused. If I hear things, I get distracted.

(Beniamin Fedorowicz) #19

Asana.com - trying something new to go through projects and tasks. (It handles projects and private tasks better than anything i used before - still not good enough to get rid of trello)

Inbox by Gmail (or any other email app with snoozing and prioritizing)

Slack.com - well, because it’s slack

(francine hardaway) #20