What's your process for writing content?

(Andrew Chen) #1

For those who regularly write a blog / Medium or even make content for YouTube, etc - what’s your process for creating content?

For me:

  • Block out time on sundays to stare at my Wordpress blank text box
  • Once a week jam session with a few friends on interesting tech topics
  • Regularly keeping a list of interesting essay titles, infographics, and other things I want to write about later
  • Take the essay titles and break them into bullet points, then go from there

11 years after starting my blog, it doesn’t get any easier :slight_smile: But am curious if anyone else has some magic in their process that’s a bit more structured/etc than what I’m doing today!

(Dhruv Vasishtha) #2

Only thing I would add is I always note down ideas in a google doc whenever I hear the same topic / concept / insight brought up three times in tech conversations. For example, this weekend I spoke with three different people who mentioned in some way what its like to transition from consulting into product management. Boom. Idea for my next post.

It makes staring at the blank text box a lot easier.

(Bill King) #3

Pretty similar to my process, @andrewchen - I add one step that has helped… sort of like being a lab rat, but I reward myself with a nice dinner if i press publish on a piece :slight_smile:

(Declan Dunn) #4

In recent years I’ve done more content marketing with clients than my own blog, which is changing.

We plan our quarterly where possible, focus on a dedicated weekend to either record and transcribe content, or in my case jam out articles, edit, and get the evergreen content going ahead of schedule.

Evergreen meaning not dependent on changing markets (easy to say, right?); we then write articles as you outline to match content we’ve found and want to add commentary and ideas to, but all of it is also adapted to keywords which give us ideas of what to write.

I do also love SEO tools like Serpstat.com that give us content articles written by others that rank on search and social; good to get an idea of what’s been said, or needs restating. While not writing content to match only the keywords, they give a great idea of what customers are thinking (obviously with social included as well for impact). I listen more to my audience and peers, than sit down with folks, but living in a small town that makes a bit more sense.

That said, I do contact my network to get their ideas, especially people not directly involved in the subject, in addition to subject matter experts.

(Christophe Limpalair) #5

I have a similar process, @andrewchen. What I’ve found that helps a lot is the act of getting started. Once I get started, I can usually find a good flow.

Some days it seems impossible to get started because I don’t feel inspired by any of the ideas I’ve got written down or in my head. In that case, I just start typing the first thing that comes to mind, and that sometimes helps my brain get in the mood to write.

(Tunca Ucer) #6

I’m writing notes on my leuchtturm or moleskine notebook by a pencil (completely traditional). Mostly these are some drafts, notes, lists, questions and bullets.

Then i’m writing them to AI Writer to focus on the screen, properly, distant from distractions.

Finally, i’m sharing them with my wife for a reading, she always finds some typos or points need to be explained.

(Michael Levett) #7

I’ve started to queue mine up over a period of time. I’m trying to write even the introduction for a few posts and then it’s much easier to pick up the post again before publishing. Other than that, it’s all about the willpower :slight_smile:

(Andy McIlwain) #8

Capturing ideas in Todoist or Google Keep. Usually a headline or topic with a few supporting bullet points to flesh the story out further. Hardest part is finding the time to sit down and write.

(Fruzsina) #9

I’m collecting a long list of backlog items because ideas come easy, but the research/creation process becomes lengthy and difficult to fit into workdays.

It might sound crazy, but at Intellyo we have built our own research tool to skip the blank-page effect based on the input of our online marketers. We started writing blog posts with our own methodology, starting with research discover new topics and then the creation phase, through which our software gives input on what type of content/headline would work best.
Please, check it out, I’d love to hear what you think about our process!

(Barry W. Enderwick) #10

I constantly write down ideas, then I work out the flow on my daily 5 mile run, come back and flesh it out. That said, I am not constantly creating content so may not be great for everyone.