What's your name, title/company, and Twitter @username

(Alexander Felke) #264

Alexander Felke
Felke & Bramkamp

(Simon Gifford) #265

Simon Gifford
Co-founder Mashauri.com
Strategy consultant (25years+ … Braxton, Deloitte, Genesis)
Figuring out how to accelerate startups at scale on an online platform.

(Roman Zubenko) #266

Roman Zubenko
Eng Lead, Growth @Gusto

(Jeff Altman) #267

Jeff Altman
VP Sales Operations at Ugly Research

(Nitin) #268

Nitin Bhartiya
Product Management at Rubicon Project

(Collin Mann) #269

Collin Mann
Co-founder & CEO @ Nugg + NuggMD
GrubHub for Marijuana and On-demand Medical Marijuana Consultations
No twitter account at the moment

(Victoria Lefevers) #270

Victoria Lefevers
Sr. Manager, Market & Competitive Intel at Carbonite

(Natalia Sakhnova) #271

Natalia Sakhnova
Marketing Consultant (Russia & USA). Co-founder & CMO at Rubrain.com

(Adam Kirkwood) #272

Adam Kirkwood
Digital Product Designer

(Natasha Mandie) #273

Natasha Mandie
Managing director, EM Advisory
(Enabling growth for Australian tech companies through strategic clarity, capital and the right M&A transactions)

(Ken Nickerson) #274

Ken Nickerson, CEO
iBinary LLC

(Sam) #275

Sam Rajaei
Product Manager

(Justin Johnson) #276

Justin Johnson
VP Developer Advocacy at Keen IO

(Paritosh Sharma) #277

Paritosh Sharma
Founder, Guru and Me

(Eric Bin) #278

Eric Bin
Director of Product Management @ Clio.com

(Rob McGrorty) #279

Rob McGrorty
Head of Product at Webgility
or @robmcgrorty (& medium)

(Aniedi Udo-Obong) #280

Aniedi Udo-Obong
General Manager (Nigeria) at Afro

(Sean Little) #281

Sean Little
Nationwide Campus Programs Director at StudyBlue

(Andrea Slobodien) #282

Product Lead at 8tracks

(Justin Gordon) #283

Justin Gordon
Founder of ShakaCode and created react_on_rails