What's the best job after graduation?

(Andrew Chen) #1

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I definitely agree with Hunter Walk here, who recommends joining a growth-stage startup. See article below.

The exception is if you really have something that’s working and calling to you- maybe that’s worth doing. But for those who are trying to decide from scratch, I think joining something like Slack, Surveymonkey, Optimizely, Twilio, or on the consumer side, Uber, Snapchat, etc. is the better way to go.

(Zetong Teoh) #2

Thanks @andrewchen for the insights!
Honestly, I’m torn between the two options, but the short-term end goals of either choices would be personal growth & network expansion.

I must agree that one should only do something that’s working and calling to oneself.

Another strong article supporting fresh grads joining startups: http://info.wealthfront.com/rs/wealthfront/images/2013_Silicon_Valley_Career_Guide.pdf