What's next in growth - how to study the classics?

(Chip Koziara) #1

I enjoyed Andrew’s talk on what’s next in growth. One of the key takeaways was to study the classics instead of chasing the latest tactics.

This concept resonates with me, but I’m not sure how to effectively study the classics.

@andrewchen (and the rest of the community!) - how do you go about studying classic strategies, and do you have any pointers for folks like myself who are just getting started?

Thank you!

(Rich Akhmerov) #2

Hi Chip,
I learned a lot about historic growth in businesses when I was a young kid by reading about the people who founded the businesses or ‘biographies’ on the business itself. Go look for some books on amazon about businesses that interest you, I’m sure that most popular brands have books written about them. Don’t worry about the tactics when reading the books, just focus on the mindsets the people had.

As for chasing the latest tactics, I think that’s a bit misconstrued. Growth is not about chasing tactics, growth is about understanding where consumer attention is and building awareness using the proper channels. Growth is a science as well as an art. And incorporating different strategies together is what excites and sparks growth for a business - as long as your business doesn’t suck, but that’s a whole nother topic. :sweat_smile:

Hope that helps,
Rich AK

(Chip Koziara) #3

Hey Richard, thank you for the thoughtful reply! Digging into biographies and other books about businesses seems like a great place to start.

Have a great rest of the weekend,

(Victor Lim) #4

Think it’s better to really understand yourself first.

Assess your natural talents and strengths. Take MBTI and Wealth Dynamics Test.

Wealth dynamics is an entrepreneurial based personality test created by Roger Hamilton. Highly recommend it. Once you figure out your natural wiring, you can study those before you with your similar personality type, example if your a “Mechanic” you can study Sam Walton, Henry Ford, etc…

Having a Growth Mindset is always important.