What was your first job?

(Richard Kreger) #23

My first job: door to door canvassing for a home improvement company that sold $20k sunrooms to middle-class Americans. It was 2009. I did not do well. Great experience.

(Peter Caron) #24

First job(s): service jobs at department store, bartending - great for finding the extrovert in me.

First job after college: singing for a professional choir.

First desk job: paralegal in Microsoft antitrust cases.

(Eyal) #25

Iā€™m an experienced marketer\product.

First job - Age 22 - co-founder and Director of BizDev\Marketing\Product of a Marketplace website (SOLD website). fisrst campaign was a display campaign at http://www.sekindo.com/.
Now - Age 32 - Head of programmatic acquisition in the most demanding industry - Brokerage Firm.
In between I helped businesses to achieve full potential.

(shihana hashim) #26

Part of a digital marketing team, being a content writer for accounting and payroll software dubai. The very first and interesting job I had where I discovered my passion.