What products/tools do you use that you couldn't live without?

(Stefan Wolpers) #43

Okay, let me assume the role of the analog guy:

  • Color pencils
  • Wax crayons
  • Paper
  • post-its

(Derek Frome) #44

Depending on the use case, you might try PubNub instead :slight_smile:

(Alexandre Jubien) #45


And many others + mobile tools (AppAnnie of course, but also MobileAction, Apptweak, Branch.io, …).

(Andrew Allsop) #46

I just started using Kifi on your recommendation and it’s EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

(Andrew Allsop) #47

Google Analytics

(Chien Yu) #48
  • Waze

  • Instagram

  • Venmo

  • Uber

  • Facebook

  • Messenger

  • Notes (default on iphones)

  • Safari browser

  • AlienBlue (reddit)

  • Paper (by Facebook)

  • Gmail

  • LinkedIn

  • Dropbox

  • Sidekick

  • Boomerang

  • WhatsApp

  • WeChat (I hate how phone calls can disconnect Wechat calls though)

  • Voxer (walkie talkie app, I know Facebook/Wechat both have this capability but people don’t seem to use them)

  • Skype

  • Snapchat (it was more fun when it had local stories, now I mostly use for face-timing friends)

(Rob) #49

ScheduleOnce for booking calls, demos, onboarding sessions etc.
GoToMeeting for the demos & setup sessions booked via ScheduleOnce.
Skype for internal meetings as well as talking with clients.
KeePassX to remember all my logins since my brain gave up on that task long ago.
Google Docs for docs, naturally.
AWS for so many things…
Womplify for marketing automation, social marketing, research etc (I’m biased here but I do use it more than any tool!)

(Bradford Malt) #50

Thanks for some of the leads on great programs on this thread.

  • RJMetrics for easy data warehousing, queries and visualization has been a huge time saver

  • Lucky Orange for heat mapping

  • UserTesting

  • Trello for roadmapping

  • Re: features of SumoMe like email capture when people were shown to be leaving the site, we had really good ROI and success from it (we were capturing not just emails, but emails that would convert), but didn’t like the experience for the user so dropped it.

(Zeb Reyaz) #51

Tools/products we use on a daily basis:

LuckyOrange (Real-time video shots of your users browsing your web app)
SendGrid (Server emails)
Mailchimp (Email marketing)
Amazon SES (System emails)
AWS Cloudfront (CDN & Backup)
Softlayer (Virtual Server)
Uservoice (Feature requests)
Freshdesk (Helpdesk & Forum)
Asana (Project Management)
Canva (Custom graphics)
Google Analytics

(Joshua Bretag) #52

That would be

*Newsfeed eradicator
*blockspring (so much scraping)

(Imroze) #53


I use; Workflowy, Product hunt, basecamp, linkedin and skitch extensively.

And also been using my own platform Cobeats.com for quite a while now. People who are found of using Evernote, I would highly recommend a better evernote in making Cobeats.com (http://www.cobeats.com/). Better could be less in feature sometimes, play around guys!

We are in our closed beta ATM and published our android app recently


(Pierre Chapuis) #54

I don’t think I would die without any of those tools, but they certainly matter a lot to me :slight_smile: Also, warning : programmer here.

  • GitHub
  • Pinboard
  • Sublime Text
  • A good desktop feed reader (I use Liferea).
  • Kindle.
  • My own VPS (currently at 6sync) with Postfix to host my email.
  • Linux and Bash. I could probably do with another OS but I really need a shell.
  • Lua (programming language).

(Nir Erlich) #55

For me its:

Evernote - braindumping everything
Omnifocus - tasks management, I can’t live without it
Slack - teams communication
Craft.io - Product management
Jira - Project management
Intercom.io - User coms
MixPanel - Analytics

(William Harvey) #56

I use many of the tools listed already, but for me the most valuable one is my A5 hardback notebook. It’s with me at work, when travelling, at home and by my bed (sad I know). But ideas come to me all the time and have to write them down or I forget them.

(pavneet) #57

open site explorer- Is always essential to find who is linking to your competitors

Knoweldgemaps - Use it to record all your learning’s online and to collaborate with your peers

Workflowy- Got tool to build up your to-do list

Gmail - Communication is still mostly based on emails

trello- Project management

(Caroline Gonzalez) #58

I really can’t do without Google Analytics, particularly Real Time, Audience and Behaviour dimensions. It is invaluable to my role in really understanding what’s going on for my web users right now, and thus informing strategies and plans for my organisation’s website.


Google Analytics

(Leon Klepfish) #60

Fullstory - nothing beats watching users use your web app

(Max D) #61

My favorite tools/products are:

Slack - communication
Trello - task organization
Appsee - qualitative analytics
MailChimp - email services
Google Drive - keeps everything organized
Buffer - schedule all my social media messages

(Thomas Peham) #63

My current setup includes:

  • Apple notes
  • Excel
  • Keynote
  • Chrome
  • 1Password

Team communication & collaboration:

  • Slack (for chat)
  • Trello (for task & project management)
  • Usersnap (for bug reports & overall stakeholder feedback)