What products/tools do you use that you couldn't live without?

(Andrew Chen) #1

I’m always curious to hear about your favorite products and what you like about them.

For me, I’ve been working with mobile quite a bit recently:

  • Leanplum
  • Flurry
  • AppAnnie
  • Google Play analytics
  • Balsamiq
  • SumoMe

How about you guys?

(Andrew Chen) #2

(Matt Hines) #3

There is no way I could live without Excel. Currently using 2013 which I think was a good upgrade from 2010. It beats the socks off Mac Excel 2011 even though I have to run it in Parallels.

Another good program I’ve found is Valentina Studios for pulling SQL queries. I like the editor better than your standard pgAdmin but there are quirks. Anyone use anything different for OSX?

(Vinish Garg) #4

Bufferapp (social)
Google Drive

I am not sure if the following two qualify for this question but I invariably login to the following, at least once every morning!


(Stephen Foung) #5

The ones that come to mind first are Dropbox and Mixpanel. However, the #1 most awesome product I currently use is Firebase. It seems simple, just a noSQL db with a REST api, but man is it awesome! It is really a core component of my own product.

(Aaron Wolfson) #6

Firebase is a crazy-good idea. I played around with it when it was in beta, but haven’t had an opportunity to use it in a product yet. Maybe this new one!

(Aaron Wolfson) #7

I just got a new Macbook. First things I installed on it were Chrome and Sublime Text, and nothing else yet, really. So those are apparently the only OS-level ones.

On the web, Gmail is really the only one I absolutely couldn’t make do without.

I suppose Git qualifies, too (but not Github).

(Stephen Foung) #8

Oh, Sublime Text, of course!

(Julia) #9

Google Drive

Most important for me:
Google calendar


I find that I cannot live (work) without:

  • Chrome
  • PhpStorm
  • Filezilla
  • Photoshop
  • Git Bash
  • f.lux
  • Gmail
  • Drive

(dimnikolov) #11
  • Gmail because email is still the most effective way to communicate online
  • Google Calendar for keeping track of meetings and tasks (all-day events are my to-do list)
  • pCloud Drive to turn my 1TB cloud storage space into a virtual drive for my computer
  • Toofr for finding anyone’s email address when I have their names and workplace
  • Evernote to clip articles I read online and store summaries of books I’ve read
  • Sublime Text for editing code
  • Spotify for listening to my favorite music
  • Product Hunt and Product/Market for discovering new products and articles to read

(jsanty) #12

For me

Sketch (mobile app design)
InVision (mobile app prototypes)
Localytics (mobile analytics)
Other email and communication apps (depends on the client)

(Jim Berkowitz) #13

For me currently it’s:

  • Dropbox
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • BufferApp
  • Feedly
  • LeadPages
  • SumoApp
  • MailChimp

(Frank) #14

I’m kind of crazy over a little open source design product called ‘Pencil’. Axure Pro. Very Awesome. Invision is so great. Winmerge. Firebase.

I don’t think I could live without Evernote. Google Docs. Office of course.

(Holly Cardew) #15

Completely agree with this list! As well as Dropbox

(Stephen Willis) #16

Ah, I love Sublime. Use it daily.

(Gustav Plato) #17

I use the following:
MS Office Productivity Suite (MS Word, PPT, Excel, Visio, Project)
Teamwork (Collaboration and Chat)
Skype (communications)
Smartsheet (Spreadsheets on steriods)
Dropbox (file storage)
Evernote (notes)
NitroPro (PDF)
PipeDrive (sales)
Lots of Security Software for files at rest, in motion, in use

These are a few of my favorite things :smile:

(Roberto Cruz) #18

So many good apps that have been listed, especially Balsamiq, Sketch, and InVision due to a project I am working on. But here are some of my life savers:

Boomerang for Gmail

(Julia) #19

thx for Toofr3 for finding anyone’s email address when I have their names and workplace

(Chloé Schemoul) #20

Team organization:


Landing Pages:

Google Tag Manager
Google Analytics

Growth Hacker TV

Market Analysis:

And my poor brain to link them all!