What lead capture and lead nurture martech stack would you recommend?

(Simon) #1

About to start a growth role where the product will require some lead nurturing to get customers past the consideration phase. Its a financial investment genre of product.

Lead capture and nurture will play a key role I think. But I wanted to know what you guys would recommend in terms of marketing tech to get that going with some fast experimentation.

Would everyone go for a SumoMe and Mailchimp combo to start?

(Bogdan Manea) #2

Hey there,

Currently at my workplace we use Hubspot for lead nurture & management and our own bespoke solution for lead capture.

Hubspot has an interesting feel where some of its components seem really old, some new, but overall it has a high functionality.

MailChimp is nice, but for large-scale applications, I think it’s underpowered.

That being said - MailChimp has much better design features than Hubspot, so depends on where your focus is.

Good luck!

(Karl Söderman) #3

I like ThriveLeads! Did some basic research before choosing myself and ThriveLeads is a one time fee (reasonable) and the different options covered my needs. https://thrivethemes.com/leads/

Mailchimp have recently upped their game with more automation and drip functionality. But I don’t understand why they need to have groups instead of simple tags for segmenting.

(Lin Ling) #4

This is prob not in time but if you still haven’t decided…If you expect to grow super large, then I don’t think Mailchimp will scale. Sometimes, Hubspot also doesn’t scale. The pro will Hubspot is that it automates most of your use cases. Where you might get into trouble is if you want to create a holistic customer journey/profile of all the going ons related to a lead on the www. If you’re currently just looking at lead capture or nurture, I highly recommend customer.io, which has a lot of integrations for you to layer on tools later on.