What is your current Marketing technology stack?

(leonardo) #1

Hi all,

What are the native components of your modern Marketing technology stack? What are the essential tools / SaaS / tech products that you’ve chosen and how do you use them all together in your daily marketing operations?

Would love to seen tons of use cases! :slight_smile:

Plus would also be interesting to know what’s the cost impact (%) that the your mktg stack has over the running costs of the company.

(Stefanie Bassler) #2

Hi @leonardo We use Marketo for Marketing Automation, Uberflip as a content hub, and LeanData for automated lead-to-account matching and lead routing (within Salesforce).

(Armand Patella) #3

@conradwa put this spreadsheet together…will give you a decent view of tools some folks are using. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10dKW41h4LErHUbYf81DxRP-v8z2dtukanHeJm67njxo/edit?usp=sharing

(leonardo) #4

Thanks Armand!

Very interesting!

(leonardo) #5

Thanks Stefanie!

Any other thing? Adwords or other plat for PPC campaigns?