What is the best way to track individual user acquisition and behavior on website?

(Nakul Gupta) #1

We have been using various tools to track customer behavior and using analytics for attribution, but still not fully satisfied with any of the cheaper options that exist in the market. Since we are a lean startup and want to minimize spend on tools - what would you suggest?

Nakul Gupta

(Felix) #2

It wasn’t cheap when I last looked at it but Segment Personas (https://segment.com/product/personas/) is great as an audience tool/customer behaviour! There are others like Amplitude and Mixpanel that seem to be aimed more towards PMs/Engagement teams.

On the attribution side of things, the best things I’ve seen where in-house models with some sort of combination with other tools, but I was never able to find a one-stop-shop that did everything – but looking forward to this discussion to see what’s best out there! Great topic to bring up.

Hope this helps Nakul.

(Justyna Trofimiuk) #3

How about HubSpot (https://www.hubspot.com/)? They have a fee CRM version with quite nice lead management features. Still, more sophisticated options are paid.