What is the best way to get Facebook audience insights data for your page?

(David Heflin) #1

Hi everyone,

I’m fairly new to advertising on Facebook and could use some help. We recently ran a split test to test our messaging on different audience segments but the reporting was not granular enough. I want to be able to view a breakdown of the people who engaged with our ad by interests, job titles, ect. Facebook audience insights provide this data but none of the fields (lifestyle, demographics, job titles, etc) are populating as pictured below.

My question is, should I run a campaign to get more Facebook likes for our company page in order to obtain these data? Or is there another way to learn about my audience on Facebook?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

(Matei) #2

Hi David,

The amount of likes is not related to this.
Are you US/UK based as FB tends to have deeper insights in these GEOs.

Otherwise, you should just gather more data for them to compile statistically significant insights. There is no communicated threshold for what would be the ideal sample size.

Hope this helps

(David Heflin) #3

Hi Matei,

Thanks for the advice. We’re based in the US and there does seem to be more insights available which is my company would really like to better understand the people who respond to our ads.