What is the best way for us to compete with Thumbtack?

(Uyi Abraham) #1

Hi all,
We just launched Bloomchase.com an online marketplace that makes it fast and easy for customers to find the best professionals for their project. Our Biggest and direct competitor is Thumbtack.com with over $275million to spend on advertising.

We are currently self funding and bootstrapping bloomchase. How can we compete with Thumbtack or beat them?

Appreciate your honest feedback

(Vineel Shah) #2

Well, first, don’t panic. Thumbtack is not Google or Apple – it’s not a household name. A lot of their money will go toward building awareness of your space. Find a way to take advantage of that – pick similar google keywords (and show up 2nd or 3rd) – for example. Also, find a way to specialize and own a market. It might be regional – specialize in one city and blanket it with posters and town cryers. It might be vertical – take an industry that thumbtack isn’t big in or concentrating on. Once you have some dominance over something, it’s easier to get funding to compete head-to-head, if you want to go that route.

(Uyi Abraham) #3

Thank you for your response. Very appreciated. If i may ask, what do you do?