What do you think of this forum software? (Discourse)

(Andrew Chen) #1

This spiffy new forum is running on Discourse, which is an open source forum platform I found a few months back. Here’s the address: http://discourse.org.

I’ve thought it might be interesting to experiment also with the “Minimal Discourse” CSS/JS edits, since every time I’ve shown these forums to someone, they tell me how confusing it is. So I’ve enabled them- you can see the before/after in the discussion below. Basically a lot of stats and random avatars get disabled.

(Sam Saffron) #2

Sam for Discourse here.

I totally get removing views and even avatars (maybe only leave 2), but removing last activity makes it really hard to figure out how active stuff is and track things as anon.

(Sam Saffron) #3

Also, not sure if the category badge style fits in to a minimal look, you probably would want to de-emphasise that too.

(Andrew Chen) #4

Good point. Yeah, I wasn’t totally happy with the customization after dropping in the code from that github that Jeff linked to, so I’ll fiddle with it a bit more.

I’m not quite sure how to change the category badge style yet :slight_smile: Still poking around with this software, I’ve only been running it for about a day.

(Andrew Chen) #5

Also, thanks for dropping by! Always fun to talk to the folks who are working on software you’re using. I’ve started reading https://meta.discourse.org/, which has been interesting. Lots of complicated tradeoffs in the design decisions for making a piece of software like this!

(Sam Saffron) #6

Would strongly recommend just using /admin/customize for this stuff, it will allow you to have better control over the customization.

At the moment you need to do most of this stuff from CSS but we will probably be a bit more extensible in future and can avoid rendering stuff you don’t need.

(if you grab latest you can have multiple customizations going at once)

Lots and lots of tradeoffs, but the cool thing is that you get to choose how your club house looks and acts :sunglasses:

(Andrew Chen) #7

Yep, I’m just using /admin/customize and copy pasting in some CSS and JS.
I would love to eventually have a set of themes, and just pick and choose the one that matches my taste. I’m sure you have already thought of that!

(Justin Gordon) #8

Hi @andrewchen! I’ve host 2 discourse forums:

  1. http://forum.railsonmaui.com
  2. http://forum.talksurf.com

I really like linking the articles from www railsonmaui com over to forum railsonmaui com.

If you want to know how I did the simple header and CSS customizations, let me know. I could show you via ScreenHero.

(Denis Gorbachev) #9

@andrewchen, feature creep definitely affected Discourse. It’s a good move to pare down complexity by applying that custom CSS/JS.

(Andrew Chen) #10

Yeah, I wish there were some easier ways to add static pages and navigation bars to Discourse. I’m going to play it by ear for a bit before I start customizing too much. Will be in touch if I decide to go in that direction!

(panderon) #11

@sam_saffron First time using Discourse, but holy cow to have Sam Saffron himself responding on this board is pretty awesome. (I use a lot of your .NET OSS projects)

I’m coming from the phpBB/vBulletin world so I’m curious to see how Discourse gets utilized on this back channel.