What content marketing metrics do you use?

(Henk Jan Scholten) #1

Our product requires some education before customers make the purchase. Because we’re dealing with a chronic disease and life-threatening conditions, they’ll have to buy our product at some point, whether that’s now, or in a few months. So it takes some time to educate people on the science, efficacy, etc.

Which metrics do you use to for your content marketing and to measure engagement? Here are some we are looking at:

  • CPL (people sign up for newsletter first)
  • Conversion rate from content pages
  • Pages/Session
  • Avg. Time per Session (esp. split out per age group)

We’re also playing with micro conversions. These may include small asks in advance of pushing for a purchase that can help us better understand our audience and create an emotional investment on the customer’s part, for example prompting a survey question.

(Kristine) #2

Hi Henk,

All of the metrics you have are good metrics to monitor, but if you want to use content to convert into sales vs. awareness or loyalty, I suggest creating a content funnel within the larger growth funnel. Of course, figuring out what the steps are in that funnel will be different for everyone.

For example, Workato is an intelligent automation and integration platform. There’s some education involved here as well - we can do everything from automate tedious tasks to some really novel and incredible stuff (like AI powered workflows, taking actions in apps from Slack etc.) all without code. But because we’re a platform with vast capabilities, it’s not always obvious or easy to find the thing that will interest each individual. That means, for prospects who don’t have a specific, pressing integration need, a conversion from a content page is highly unlikely. We know that it may take months for that lead to be ready to purchase.

We obviously want to attract readers to our blog and use readership as a metric, but our main focus is on qualifying leads. We nurture the lead with our newsletter and then qualify them with other steps, like downloading an ebook or installing our bot Workbot for Slack. So the metrics we want to see are: repeat visitors vs. new visitors, newsletter sign ups, conversions for micro-steps. Once they are qualified by our set of criteria they can move onto sales.

Hope that helps!

(Tero Piirainen) #3

Hey Henk,

We engineered a whole new analytics tool ( volument.com ) that we think is exactly what you are looking for. It’s measures and optimizes your entire conversion funnel from the initial awareness to long-term retention. It reveals, for example, how your different market segments pass the funnel:

The thing is that you really want to know both the top-of-the funnel metrics (how much they pay attention and build interest) so you understand the causes and problems — as well as the bottom-of-the-funnel metrics to see the outcomes. Volument is solely designed to solve the well-known problems in conversion optimization.

It helps you do content marketing in a more powerful way by showing what truly works and what turns people away.