What books/blogs/podcasts/etc are you consuming these days?

(Andrew Chen) #1

Always a great way to discovery new stuff.

For me:

Also reading a ton of reddit. Favorite subreddit, /r/firstworldanarchists.

Haha. Look forward to reading everyone else’s recommendations!

(Andrew Chen) #2

(Ismail Mechbal) #3

Podcast: Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins new podcast
Book: Traction How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth
Book: Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t

(Sarwech Shar) #4

Stratechery looks very interesting. I’m a fan of long form posts so will be bookmarking this for future reading :blush: and of course Tim Ferriss is awesome

Blog: Wait But Why
Blog: anything Jon Westenburg on Medium
Podcast: Lean Startup series (Product/Market Fit)
Book: Surely You’re Joking, Mr Feynman

(Ramin Assemi) #5

blog: For Entrepreneurs
podcast: The Startup Chat with Steli Efti & Hiten Shah
book: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

(David Leshaw) #6

Blog: Stratechery
Blog: Paul Graham (specifically enjoyed his June post on Pittsburgh’s potential as a startup hub)
Podcast: Exponent (Stratechery’s podast)
Podcast: Note to Self

(Ethan Hays) #7

blog: Stratechery
podcast: Tim Ferriss
book: What to Think About Machines That Think (one of the best books about AI I’ve read)
book: The Upside of Irrationality - Dan Ariely

(joshpepper) #8

book: Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies (quite good in laying out the future options for how generalized greater-than-human AI might evolve)
podcast: Code Switch. Superb exposure to thinking about race in America.
book: Lean Analytics (actually leading a book club at work with about 30 people reading this book together)
Other content: Product Lunch (productlunch.com)
Classes: Werner Herzog Masterclass on Filmmaking (masterclass.com)

(Andrew Turner) #9

Podcast: Tim Ferriss,
Joe Rogan
Books: Art of startup funding,
Letters from a Stoic
The book of 5 rings
Trails of Genghis Khan by Tim Cope
Blog: Entrepreneur on Fire

(Anthony Steen) #10

Books: Smartcuts, Traction, Designing for Changing Behavior (expands on Hooked)
Blog: Seth Godin, and now Stratechery
podcast: Seth Godin Startup School, James Altucher, Tim Ferriss, and Growth Hacking by Laura Moreno

(chandra.dekeyser) #11

I’m a big fan of Mark Suster, brilliant LA VC (Upfront Venture, well chosen name)

This is the post which made me connect initially.

Blogs of depth are rare to find & I’m a taken on elaborate ones.
These twitter times of 1 liner solves your problem are gone. The World is complex, so are we :slight_smile:

I am actually reading more & more books. Tons of free books out there (I thought it was Amazon & iBook).
I read Hatching Twitter which was brilliant & scary.
Great book reader by the way: http://www.macbookreader.com/
from a geek working from his swimming pool in Rome :sunny:

Bye, Chan

(Danny Lein) #12
  • blog: mondaynote.com (Frederic Filloux)
  • book: Growth Hacker Marketing (Ryan Holiday)
  • book: Scaling Lean (Ash Maurya)

(Kristen Sager) #13

Blog: Stratechery
Podcast: Keeping it 1600
Podcast: A16z
Podcast: Mike Fishbein, This is Project Management
Book: Leadership and Self-Deception i.e. People are not objects
Book: Anti-fragile
Book: Underground Airlines

(Gabe Kwakyi) #14

Blog: http://mobiledevmemo.com/
Newsletter: https://www.launchticker.com/
Newsletter: grow.co

Seems like Stratechery is worth the price, judging from all the +1s!

(Shaena Harrison) #15

Podcast: NPR How I built this
Blog: http://digitalmicdrop.com
Book: Your Brain At Work

(Zak Kinion) #16

Noah Kagan, YCombinator, and Tim Ferris (sometimes)