What are the chances that a new and better Webapp for photo sharing like Instagram will be successful in a developing country?

(Manish Shahi) #1


I am working on a photo sharing Webapp like Instagram from couple of days now I have come to a position where I am not able to decide whether this Webapp will be used by users or not.

I know execution is everything. But now I think I won’t compete against the PHOTO SHARING GIANT, “instagram”. I don’t want to compete too; the only thing that I want to make is a Webapp with more features. I don’t want to leave this project either.

I have only one fear that I will not get enough users for my Webapp. What’s your thought? I want to know your thoughts regarding what should I focus on; and what things should I eliminate? What are the chances that people will use it?

(Ronnie Nussbeck) #2

If your Webapp is unique, has ease of use and is ready to face the likes of Facebook and Microsoft in this field go for it, if not time to evaluate the probability of success. Look for another segment of the market where facial recognition or employer identification may take it Vertical.

(Manish Shahi) #3

Thank you :slight_smile:

(Vineel Shah) #4

There are cases of social networking and photo sharing apps doing well in particular cultures – google’s orkut did well in south america (I vaguely remember) and there was a “photo a day” app who’s name I can’t recall that did really well in Brazil. The Indian e-commerce giant “flipkart” is doing a great job keeping Amazon at bay and Wechat is almost unassailable in China. Don’t make an app with “more” features. Make a few features that: 1) are unique to your target culture and wouldn’t make sense for the Instagrams of the world to do and 2) respect the technology infrastructure of the countries you are targeting – for example, small android phones and limited bandwidth, vs the latest iPhone with 4G LTE. If you’re also doing browser or desktop, remember that in most countries, screens are smaller and CPUs are slower than in the developed west.