What are some ways to build a high quality community?

(Dan Zhao) #1

I’ve read through some of the growth stories for communities like StackOverflow and Quora. It seems like the common theme there is starting with a small group of influencers and then grow outward from there, leveraging reach and content.

I am working on a mobile Q&A app I want to keep invite-only, requiring each user to be either invited by a friend or have to apply on our website. This is part of our positioning as we want to make the app more personal and helpful than something like Quora. I’ve still working through ideas but was curious if any of you have experience building an invite-only model.

Excited to hear your thoughts!

(Tri Phung) #2

I’ve love to know about this as well. Anyone has an answer for this?

(Alex Shin) #3

Mobile Q&A app?
Sounds a lot like what I’m working on @teamblindapp.

I think getting intimately involved with the community is the way to go. Not very scalable in my opinion.

(Dan Zhao) #4

Hey Alex, thanks for the response! I’ve heard of Blind and have heard friends at Salesforce and other companies using it. Quick question - how were you able to convince the first employees at a company like Microsoft to join Blind?

(Alex Shin) #5

I bought them shots at a local bar. Literally.

I wrote a blogpost about this some time ago. A bit outdated, but still gives you a look into what we did.