Welcome to The Backchannel, hosted by @andrewchen!

(system) #1

Hello there!

Thanks for reading my essays at http://andrewchen.co.

These forums are set up for those who want more analysis and discussion on the topics I’m writing about. Here’s what to expect:

  • Talk with other tech entrepreneurs, product leaders, marketers, and investors
  • Covers on important tech trends, Q&A, and notable metrics
  • Go deeper on topics - discuss and meet others in the industry

Feel free to contribute, ask questions, etc.

If you haven’t signed up, just go here:

(Rick Hall) #2

Thanks Andrew, let the qualitative conversations commence!

Look forward to meeting all the new members of the community in the main forums! :sunglasses:

(Joel) #3

Serious question: in your opinion, when is a thread too old to reply to? A week? A month? I don’t want to be resurrecting dead threads left and right, but there are some interesting discussions on here and not sure if it’s good to make a new thread for something that’s already been touched on.

(Andrew Chen) #4

I think as long as the thread is interesting to you, go for it :slight_smile: The entire forum is only about a month old, so I think you can still go for it.

(Joel) #5

Wow, I didn’t realize it was only a month old. You’ve done a lot in a month. Congrats!

(Andrew Chen) #6

I’m slowly bringing new users into the forums via an autoresponder in Mailchimp, but I’m going to try and announce the forums later this year and hopefully we will have a lot of new great people to talk to.

(sida zhang) #7

Hi @andrewchen ,

Your invitation to join the forum was caught by the spam filter. I only found the invitation because I happened to need to find something from my spam box.

Screen Shot

Having the email to come from ‘andrewchenblog.co@gmail.com’ just looked super sus. Plus the invitation looked pretty generic. I almost thought this was a password phishing scam.

I imagine many other people that you have invited might experience the same thing. Either never see it because it is in spam box, or saw it but dismiss it as a phishing attempt.

(Andrew Chen) #8