Welcome, the first 2000 users of The Backchannel

(Andrew Chen) #1

I just checked the admin dashboard of The Backchannel and wanted to congratulate everyone here as the first 2000 members of these forums.

Seems like every time I check in, there’s at least a couple new replies going. And I haven’t even really tried to promote these forums to my list yet- maybe later in the year. It’s nice to see a small little community forming around tech topics.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for joining me on this experiment, which seems like it’s going well.

Talk soon!

(Paula G.) #2

Thanks, Andrew, for the great resource and all of your input!

(Barron Ernst) #3

Thanks Andrew for putting this community together!


I’m really enjoying reading everyone’s questions/replies. Thanks for putting this together!

(Swanny) #5

Yes, thanks Andrew! Much cooler and more useful than FoundersDating. :smile:

(Pawel Janiak) #6

That’s a decently sized community!

(Peter Trapasso) #7

Thanks for the invite Andrew! Happy to be here.

(Alexander Felke) #8

I kinda feel like Lawrence of Arabia :slight_smile: thanks for the invite and let’s do this