Volument — Growth analytics

(Tero Piirainen) #1

Hey everyone!

I’d like to introduce Volument, which is specifically engineered to analyze growth from the website traffic. It understands things like user experience and measures your product/market fit.


Here’s an example A/B test for new visitors arriving from a specific Facebook group and how they start engaging with the product.

(It’s a private beta atm, but you can ask for invites from the site)

Please let me know your thoughts!

(Anton) #2

Looks like an interesting new product. I can’t however seem to find where you request beta access on the website?

(Tero Piirainen) #3

Thank you Anton!

It’s currently invitation only, but you can reach us from the website.

(Look for “Ask anything…” input on the bottom of the page and we’ll give you full access)

(Tero Piirainen) #4

After two years of intense development we finally finished the first version of Volument. It’s a new take on analytics that focuses solely on conversion optimization.

For example, here’s how you can find out your leading market segments:

Unlike traditional analytics, Volument can optimize your entire conversion funnel from the initial awareness to conversions, virality and long-term retention. Please check it out and give your professional feedback.


— Tero