Updated: Zero to Product/Market Fit slides

(Andrew Chen) #1

I just went through and redid my zero to product market fit slides - from 5 years ago! - and broke them into images with notes underneath:

Major observations upon digging through this old deck:

  • Really this is a discussion of the advantages of existing markets as opposed to new markets
  • The discussion of how to measure P/M fit is a little shallow. I should go back and fix it. Needs a discussion around retention cohorts, power user curves, etc.
  • I still love the book “Different” - it’s a solid one that I still re-read from time to time

Ended up redoing this since I’ve linked it in a few places and folks are finding it again.


(Monty Dariani) #2

Love it. The presentation is still so good and true. :trophy:

(Erica Murphy) #3

This was so helpful! For consumer products, what metrics would you look for to predict whether a potential market is large enough to generate “organic growth of 100s of signups/day”?

(Andrew Chen) #4

I’d look at if there are similar products also getting a lot of user acquisition. Within product categories, nothing predicts future success as previous products who also had success