Turnkey solutions for making a private community?

(David Abravanel) #1

I’m looking to create a private community for students who are taking my company’s courses. I’d like them to be able to have discussions, including sharing audio from SoundCloud (possibly video from YouTube/Vimeo, but definitely audio and preferably playable without opening a new page).

I’m looking for something that feels more robust than your average forum, since music is such a focus - discussions should also be easy to keep track of.

Would rather not have to build this. Any solutions come to mind?

(George Kollias) #2

You should try Telescope, if I am not mistaken this very community is built on it.

(Megan Hall) #3

Hey David,

Are you currently using a LMS (learning management system) to host your company’s courses? If so, what is is hosted on? Ideally you would probably like to have the community built on the same platform as your LMS, that way users only have to sign in once. Worst case scenario you can build an outside online community and then create a trigger that transfers the log in data between the different cms.

How many people is it? The most simple solution for an online community is Slack. Their product is really easy to use and has an app.

However, if your goal is to create a whitelabeled solution with your logo, then you could look up a “Facebook clone”.


Take a look at https://mightybell.com/

(Ali Zewail) #5

Hey, you can try Chaino…
here’s the link:

Create a community that has private content and membership. It supports SoundCloud.


[Full Disclosure: I work for Chaino.]

(Jay-E Emmingham) #6

Have you looked into Eduongo (https://eduongo.com/)? It can host your courses in the cloud, and you should be able to share audio without opening a new page, but not videos.