Trying a new format: The Backstory, Facebook group version :)

(Andrew Chen) #1

Just started a Facebook group and will be pointing new subscribers to here for a while - let’s see how it goes!

Just join here:

Try out this experiment with me and we’ll see if it’s more effective than these forms :slight_smile:

(Andrew Chen) #2

(Ryan Hashemi) #3

Let me know if you need any help in maintaining/growing it. I’m a power FB group user & admin :slight_smile:

(Andrew Chen) #4

Question- how do I make this a closed group but make membership auto-accept? Or do I have to make it a public group to do that?

(Ryan Hashemi) #5

I personally would recommend keeping it closed and having to manually approve. Current members of a closed group can auto-add people they invite, but the general public cannot openly join.