Traveling this summer? What are your favorite travel apps to use?

(Kate Frangos) #1

Hi guys, hope you’re having a nice summer so far!

I asked you what your favorite travel apps are, and perhaps you can explain, why too.

Personally, I can only name you two I really like: Airbnb and Trover. I find them both engaging, easy-to-use, and helpful during my travel research and accommodation planning.

However, I think the travel app industry has a long way to go regarding user retention and engagement.

Here’s how I think brands can retain mobile users this travel season. What do you think? Comment below. Thanks and cheers from rainy Netherlands!!

(Richard Hannah) #2

I travel a lot with friends, and I have two apps that I don’t leave home without:

  1. Splitwise
    This app lets you track costs between friends while on your trip. Whether it is paying for hotels, meals out, drinks at the pub, this is the easiest way I have found to track costs and then easily settle it at the end of the trip.

  2. relivit
    Relivit lets you take 1 second videos of your trip, and then merge them together into an action packed video that you can use to show off your trip on social media, or directly with friends. It is like a similar app “1 Second Everyday” but is free to download and use.

I agree that travel apps have a long way to go, i love the idea of easily being able to find itineraries for what to do in certain cities / towns / regions. Do any apps exist that do that?


(Aleksandra) #3

I like roadtrippers app for how easy you can create the route of your trip and add all places you want to visit on your way.

I also would recommend Spotted by Locals for finding interesting and less known places to visit.

(Kate Frangos) #4

thanks Richard! For travel planning/itinerary, I know there’s TripIt, which I havent used, but here other apps I found

(Simon Smith) #5
  • Rome2Rio for how to get between any two places on the earth’s surface, fly, train, drive, etc

  • FieldTrip for random interesting stuff (sights, bars, etc) wherever you are

  • The fact that you can download Google Maps for offline use!

  • Uber works in some surprising places

(Echotsui) #6

I like google trips. I use it to plan my itineraries as it provides basic information and short introductions of global scenic spots.

(Sarah) #7

No trip without the following

  • airbnb because it’s the best experience if you can stay like a local.

  • skyscanner to find good flight deals

  • journi to easily capture my adventure as beautiful story. I was looking at a lot of different travel journals but this turned out to be the best for several reasons: 1) me and my boy friend can use it together 2) also offline 3) I can easily decide who can see which story 4) it automatically builds a story out of your photos and notes with maps, stamps, flight, weather and more. So my work is done by taking photos and friends can follow live. 5) Soon (at least the devs say so) I can order a photo book 6) I can easily ad past adventures because they offer a bulk upload which groups photos automatically. 7) I can search and see how others traveled and get inspiration.

(Stephen Pancheri) #8

An admittedly biased answer here, but we built our app Ditch as a photo-sharing network for travel inspiration. Check it out, we would love to hear your thoughts on it. :slightly_smiling_face:

(ruth guthoff-recknagel) #9

Yes to journi! Love it

(Satyaki Banerjee) #10

My basic necessities are fulfilled by the amazing folks at:


(Bill King) #11

TripIt Pro has saved my life in the airport more than a few times :slight_smile:

(Zak Kinion) #12

Moving to Europe at the end of the summer for who knows how long.

Apps? I just use Hipmunk for flights and AirBnB for accomodation.

Duolingo and Memrise are helpful for learning a foreign language but what’s helped the most is talking daily to a native speaker for an hour on Its only like 5-8$ per hour lesson, sometimes less if you find a community teacher thats good instead of a pro on there.

(Jessica Valenzuela) #13

Hi, I travel often locally and abroad. Here are the apps I use the most

  • Airbnb
  • Expedia or when there are no desirable airbnb listings
  • Google Maps
  • Google Translate (was very useful on a trip to Aruba

(Tim Lenardo) #14

I met the CEO of Grabr ( recently, and was planning on giving it a try during an upcoming trip to South America.

It’s a cool concept- basically people abroad are willing to pay delivery fees for travelers to bring them products from other countries. In particular, there’s a lot of pent up demand abroad for goods from the United States. I could bring, say, a macbook pro from California to Peru, and deliver it for a $100 fee.

People are using this concept to subsidize their travels, or in some cases, pay for it entirely! Curious to see if it works well for me.

(Kristine) #15

I second Rome2Rio - especially useful when planning multi-city trips! I used to use TripIt, but it never seems to categorize things correctly when it auto-lifts from my email. was a lifesaver in Cuba and I imagine would be really helpful in any destination that doesn’t have easy access to wifi. It allows you to add your own points of interest (aka add your hotel or airbnb to the map).

Since we’re on the topic of Summer travel, here’s a post about how you can use integration and automation to have a more relaxing trip. I know it can be hard to put your phone away, so it might give some peace of mind to set it and forget it!

(Tarandeep) #16
  1. Hopper - great for flight-watching if you’re waiting for a good price.
  2. Snaptravel - Just used this for my last hotel booking. Easy to use and great customer service.
  3. +1 for downloading Google Maps offline maps.

Bonus pick: Kobo - I end up reading more while travelling. I always have a few books downloaded before I leave [Disclosure - I work here].

(Henri Duong) #17

There is a web app called Utrip that specializes in itinirary planning / recommendations which is integrated with some destination websites such as SFtravel.

(Andrew Chen) #18

Wanted to give a quick shoutout to Airbnb experiences. I used it a few months ago for a trip to Paris and got a really insider / locals type cycling experience which was super fun. We went around the 10th and 11th districts, ate a ton of cheese and pate, and learned a ton about these up and coming regions. Good example of a situation where the experience is really in the people on the platform versus the features/functionality of the platform itself.

(Tunca Ucer) #19

Airbnb offers whole local experience if you are lucky.

Two months ago i was traveling in Cuba and i see how all these apps become useless when you are on a no-internet land. :slight_smile: I tried some offline maps etc but it didn’t work well.

(Jonathan Biles) #20

Sounds like a great way to become, ahem a “mule” tbh