The Psychological Implications of Customer Experience

(leonardo) #1

I’ve recently come across a number of articles that claim that “customer experience is the new marketing.”

After reading those words over and over again, a little idea started to whirl ‘round in my head.
I am a firm believer that good marketing focuses on what the potential user already wants to do, not on something that you want them to do.

With this in mind, how is this “customer experience” idea something new?

Well, in fact, it’s not new at all. This essay is at the intersection of marketing, psychology, and product. I explained what is the psychology behind successful product and marketing moves.
I mentioned examples from Slack, Mixpanel, PH, and many other companies.



(Filip Mandaric) #2

I think when articles claim that “customer experience is the new marketing”, they are trying to say a few things:

  1. In this new sharing economy, it seems that word of mouth has been rediscovered as a valuable pillar of customer acquisition, especially when viewed through the lens of analytics tools which can quantify its significance. Word of mouth is directly generated by a superior customer experience, and so that may be a reason for some of the hype.

  2. In light of recent technological innovations that are making it easier for every business to provide a better customer experience, those articles are also trying to point out the blending of roles in business. They are essentially saying that “the CPO is new CMO”. I think they are trying to draw attention to the fact there does not need to be a clear division between the different roles at a company, but rather that it is a spectrum. Marketers should be willing to occasionally take the perspective of product owners, and vice versa.