The google advantage program

(Akriti Srivatsava) #1

Hello Everyone:

Looking for some guidance here. We launched Daycare Owl about 3 weeks ago, and our little start-up has made quite a splash. Last week we were approached by the Google Advantage Program. Does anyone have any experience working with this program? There is actually very little information available about it, which makes us skeptical.

About Daycare Owl:

Daycare Owl is a free and simple way to market and search for daycares online. Daycare Owl was specifically created for family home childcare providers. Our platform allows daycares to put in all the important details parents need to know about your daycare. Providers can showcase their weekly availability, timing, daycare photos, and so much more! Providers will also have new flexibility that they have never had before, the ability to market hourly rates. Weekly care, daily care, night care, even date night care, you can find it all on Daycare Owl.

(Sydney) #2

Hey @Akriti - did your company end up participating in the Google Advantage program? My company was approached by them and we’re trying to decide what to do. On the one hand it is appealing to get help managing our account. On the other, I’m concerned their main incentive is to get us to spend money