Survey on App Growth Metrics

(yann) #1

Hi All,
I am doing some research work before lanching a product, I am trying to collect information from Mobile App Growth Specialists.
I made a very small form (less than 30s) and anonymous (no personal data collection) asking about the key metrics of App Growth.

hee the link:

Please feel free to fill it and share arround you!


(Tim Herbig) #2

Hi @yaitbachir,

I think the biggest problem with your questions is that the answers depend far too heavily on the type of product (e.g. b2b SaaS tool vs. Social Network).
Therefore, there’s no objective overall answer to the priority of metrics.

You might also want to add a question to cluster your responses. Otherwise you get an average but miss out on specifics of certain user groups.


(yann) #3

Tanks or the feedback @herbigt , I am currently updating the survey!