Some changes to this forum

(Andrew Chen) #1

I’ve made some changes :slight_smile:

  1. Only inviting people from US/Canada. There were a lot of international folks joining the forums, which is nice, but their business environments are quite different than in the US

  2. Added invites as part of the drip sequence for folks who subscribe to my blog - will get a trickle each week when they join, which should be great

  3. Gonna delete the Facebook group :slight_smile: I was experimenting with one but didn’t love it. So I’m going to give up on that for now.

Comments welcome!

(Ziv Shalev) #2

Hi Andrew, I have been following you for a while and when you invited me here I was shocked by my stupidity for not finding it on my own :wink:

Anyway I’m from Israel, and I know you wanted only US/Canada folks, so here i am risking a ban :slight_smile:
as you probably know its too easy to hide the IP address, but if you’ll make it a bit more difficult then at least you’ll get the smart non US/Canada guys here and not ctrl+shift-N lamers like me :wink:

Keep being awesome, you are an important part of the puzzle who inspire me to become better…

(Andrew Chen) #3

Live and let live :slight_smile: It’s nice to have you here! Thanks for reading.