Single vs Double Opt-In Email List

(Chow789) #1

Hi Guys,

I want to implement a single opt-in for my blog email list.

Is there any specific language that should be used on the sign-up form so that I am legally free of digital marketing laws or GDPR? I read that by law, the subscriber has to explicitly give permission to receive marketing when giving out their email address. Usually this is done by an email asking for confirmation to subscribe in the double opt-in process. But not sure how it would work with single opt-in?


(Meghan McCarthy) #2

I think I follow your question, single opt-in case I’ve typically seen a check box near where email is collected about receiving future emails.

Also FWIW: I am not a lawyer, but my understanding of CAN-SPAM laws in the U.S. is that you can email people even if they didn’t give you their email address, as long as there is a clear unsubscribe option in the email. There are of course drawbacks to doing this (reputation as a spammer, getting blacklisted if you do this on a very large scale, etc.), but it’s not illegal in US. GDPR might be another story, though.