Side Hustle: What's the best way for an expert generalist to make money on the side?

(T.J. Berry) #1

People who post jobs on sites like Upwork and Fiverr tend to post small jobs and buy low-cost work. As a freelancer, is there a good place to find people who are willing to pay a premium for larger projects that require higher quality work?

(A. Lester Buck III) #2

Workshop offers a service of curated leads each day

It isn’t that cheap. If you ask the owner, Robert, nicely, he will send you a file of all the RSS feed links he uses to find each lead. Load it in your RSS reader and you can search yourself.

(Zak Kinion) #3

Define how much you mean for a “Premium”? What kind of work do you do?

When I need extra cash I’d just use Upwork. Get your profile to Top Rated status, which takes about 13 weeks if I can recall by doing the odd easy job here and there, then get a paid membership for 10$/month and use it to hide all past earnings amounts. Keep your profile simple, not a monologue of ramble. Mine is just:

  • 16 Years Field Experience
  • 100% Work Guarantee
  • 24/7 Emergency Service

Thanks for your consideration!

Then you put $40/50/60 or higher per hour and you will actually get interview requests from good clients. From there I normally just PM and farm out the work. You can do this through with a little bit of practice weeding out bad people.

(Kerri Reed) #4

Hey TJ,

We often hire freelancers for projects. In any of the sites we turn to, its fairly simple to separate those who are doing “gig” work from professionals – I encourage you to put yourself and your talent out there on as many sites as you can find that might help you hone your craft or expand your portfolio.

Upwork, Fiverr and Task Rabbit are actually all great for specific “gigs”. Guru tends to be more project based and is a new player in the world of side hustle. It positions itself currently as “get paid for your inbox” though we predict it will become a more specialized Upwork for the social good. It can’t hurt to get in early (and starting a profile takes >5 mins).

Good luck in your hunt!


(Cherif Zouein) #5

TJ, when I was in the agency world, workingnotworking was a very good resource. Great for finding top talent for larger projects or full time hires.

Hope that helps

(T.J. Berry) #6

Thanks Lester! Appreciate it

(T.J. Berry) #7

Good stuff, Zak. Thanks for the tips

(T.J. Berry) #8

Thanks much! I’ll try that out

(T.J. Berry) #9

Thanks Kerri. Great tips