Show: Plainflow – Zapier meets

(leonardo) #1

:wave: everyone, Leonardo here.

We recently launched a SaaS product to help SaaS companies automate their product communication using their favorite tools and through visual workflows.

Pissed off by traditional old-school marketing automation tools we created a modern automation product for SaaS able to collect all your customer data (we integrate with Segment) in a central place and let you take actions.

We currently integrate with Segment, MadKudu, Clearbit, Email, and webhook.

Below an example of workflow to send a truly personalized email based on the new user’s job role. :point_down:

If you’d like to try it out, just shoot an email at leonardo @ :slight_smile:

(Pranjali Anil Deshpande) #2

Yeah, i would like to try it out. is this a limited time free trial?

(leonardo) #5

yep, I just sent you a DM. :slight_smile: