Show: A chrome extension to share company announcements in your coworkers' Chrome New Tab

(leonardo) #1

Last weekend we had some fun developing It’s a chrome extension that lets organizations send company announcements in all their coworkers’ new tab.

No useless overhead in having your employees using a new product. No company-wide announcements in emails that got buried with no replies.

This was inspired by a tweet from Alex McCaw:

If this sounds a little odd, here’s how it works:

  1. Install the Chrome extension, open a new tab and you’ll see sample content. Hit the signup button and create a new account.

  2. Now that you have an account, configure your company’s page and invite your coworkers (they have to signup with their work email).

  3. You’re ready to create and publish announcements from the admin area. Everyone in your company will see them when opening a new tab.

Give a shoot.