SF law firm recommendations

(Chris Alder) #1

Hi all,

About to start the incorporation process and wondering if folks can shed some light on pros/cons of Bay Area law firms. We’ve been chatting with partners at Perkins Coie and Orrick because that’s where we have introductions, but I’d love to know what firms are generally considered most effective and founder-friendly.


(Andrew Chen) #2

I’m totally biased as an investor, but Atrium is exactly what you’re looking for:

They do the majority of legal services for new YC companies and hire from all the top firms- so they’re great

(Chris Alder) #3

Thanks for the rec! Really appreciate your work. Any thoughts on more traditional firms?

(Dane Madsen) #4

I am not familiar with Atrium but have had experience with KL Gates, Perkins, and WIlson. Consideration should be given to your specific needs including IP, VC relationships, and in several, willingness to have a reduced fee for startups as an incentive for when you get much larger. At the end, it will be as many subject, based on the chemistry between you and the people actually doing the work (usually not the partner).