Pros and cons on inviting a marketing mentor to the startup

(Boris Goncharov) #1

Hi, everyone. We have recently launched a product for marketers and online business owners. Our audience is pretty narrowed down to the people who uses email as a medium to talk to their customers. And we’re kinda struggling with the marketing strategy at this moment. Although, we have some traction, and people who bought our product are extremely happy about it.

So, there came an idea to invite a marketing mentor that may help us to shave some extra hustle for experiments and mistakes that we’re about to make. What do you think? Is it the right moment to invite a mentor? Do we need one, or we have to keep trying hard and we’ll find our way to the scalable model?

(Rich Akhmerov) #2

Do both - see what works best for you and your team. It’s a pretty broad question and you can’t give a concrete answer to this. The specific mentor may be a bad fit for your team or product, for whatever reason. Maybe the mentor can give you insights to your product that you’ve overlooked since you’re ‘in it’ and he/she is outside of it.

But I do know one thing for sure, if you’re struggling and you’re not on the offensive then you will lose. Do both.

(Boris Goncharov) #3

Thanks, man! We keep pushing this stuff forward and constantly trying new channels and methods.

(Michael Levett) #4

A lot of people out there with more than enough experience in the industry and always willing and happy to provide you with advice based on your product.

Do you know many people in the industry? An outside perspective objective overview can really help and spring some ideas your way - even if it isn’t direct paid help.