Predictive Analytics for Re-marketing


Can prediction models help in better re-marketing and get a higher RoI?

My client runs an e-commerce business and wants to apply prediction to re-market to targeted customers. A digital marketing agency runs their campaigns and they are not satisfied with the performance.

(Chris Cranley) #2

The company I work for,, provides software that uses predictive models and machine learning to help users make better decisions. The short answer to your question is yes.

The longer answer is that software alone, does not make magical outcomes real. Insight without action is noise. It takes people who know how to work with data and establish/act/learn in a disciplined approach. To that end, we work with a number of agency partners who both use our software and transfer skills. If you need some names or would like to learn more about Outlier, let me know.

(Rich Akhmerov) #3

Insight without action is noise.
Love this

(Victoria Lauren Collins) #4

Agreed with all of the above. At our agency, Adtaxi, we provide our clients with the data we also use for the predictive model (predictors or past behavior models). This helps them make better decisions about their client’s habits (where to show ads) on and offline. Extremely helpful. If you still need help, let me know. :slight_smile: