Post your home screens! (March 2017)

(Andrew Chen) #1

Wanted to post my home screen so you can see what I’m running these days :slight_smile:

Post yours! (It’s possible to just copy and paste images into here, which is awesome)

(Andrew Chen) #2

(Kerry Bodle) #3

I love using Whale as well. I’ve been enjoying Justin’s answers!

(Emily Goldring) #4

I tend to keep most of my apps in folders, but my home screen I let them be free :slight_smile:

I live abroad, so Duolingo is a must to keep my language skills up to par and of course keep my workout apps front in center.

(Benjamin Roodman) #5

I’ve arranged my iPhone homescreen in many different configurations (Type, color, minimal, etc) over the years, but most recently I’ve gone by “Company” as the category. Google, Facebook, Amazon beyond the essentials. Background is a recent picture from Shanghai.

(Antoine MARTIN) #6

(Elco) #7

Based on colour works best for me. Cheers,

(Aleksandra) #8

(Ryan Hashemi) #9

So cool! Love that idea!

(Andreas Mahringer) #10

(Alexis ) #11

I’ve taken some inspiration from Jack Dorsey recently and removed notification from all my apps. I found it’s a great way to prioritise your work day on what is important rather than the highest amount of red dots on the screen.

WeChat is the only way to work with my Chinese business partner, recent podcast addiction has led to the podcast app getting front and centre stage, Instapaper, Asana, and Pitchbook hidden in a folder (don’t usually like folders), Slack is an important one for us as a team, and a rogue on you might know of is Air, which is one of our more recent investments and a tool we use all the time to know when people are sick or away on holidays.

(Boris Goncharov) #12

(Shaena Harrison) #13

70K+ emails! WOW :yum:

(Jae Lee) #14

I like a simple un-cluttered homescreen so it has apps I use daily. I really like Spark as my goto email app because it helps me kee my inbox at zero unread emails.

(Bogdan Manea) #15

Awesome thread. Just discovered it and got inspired over the weekend to do to tidy up and have just 1 home screen, not 3.

I’ve disabled red dot notifications on everything except the comm folder at the bottom right. Even Gmail. Agree with the above that it tends to be distracting and hijack productive work.