Pointers on Product Growth/Marketing ? (Non-conventional style)

(Chow789) #1

Hi Guys,

Trying to grow online sales. We’ve utilized SEO for planting content to drive traffic to our e-commerce site. This accounts for the bulk of our sales but we’ve hit a plateau lately and even declined in sales. I’ve read about how AirBnB hooked their site up to Craigslist listings to gain their initial customer base, I’m interested in methods like this – thinking out of the box.

Looking for pointers on non-traditional marketing methods online – any books, forums that might equip me a little better to attack this will be much appreciated!

(Matt Quinn) #2

Have you read traction? Start there.

For ecommerce - your route is probably going to be display ads on social.

this is good to - https://www.julian.com/guide/growth/intro

(Chow789) #3

Our startup sells products in the educational space.

With some further thought, we want to also measure the effectiveness of our email blasts ? We are using myEmma right now but as I’m new to this, not sure if you might have any pointers on where to start in analyzing the data?


(Matt Quinn) #4

What are “email blasts”?

Cold email campaigns or a newsletter or…?

(Chow789) #5

Ah sorry, I meant newsletters that we send out to our subscriber list.

Do you know of tools/books/blogs I can utilize for a starting point?

(Matt Quinn) #6

So if you’re doing a newsletter to your existing customers, the goal could be:

retention, referral or increase of tier.

Measure based on that.

Truthfully a newsletter to your existing customers feels like a low level retention play.

Give every newsletter a CTA, measure Open rates and Click throughs against industry standards.

This might help https://newsletterguide.org/?ref=producthunt