Password Manager

(Michael Levett) #1

As we are constantly being told to create secure passwords with special characters, capital letters, three uppercase, three lowercase etc etc has anyone come across a secure, reliable password manager?

We have a small business of around 4/5 employees, so looking for an effective, secure password manager to share amongst us.

Anyone use these, how do you manage your passwords?


(Marc Eglon) #2

The 2 most popular options are 1password (which I use and recommend) and LastPass.
Don’t know too much about Lastpass but I came across a discussion on Designer News this morning which suggests that it’s not as good as (or secure) as 1pw.

I also used the inbuilt Safari password manager for 3 years and it’s great, but I recently moved to Opera as my browser so went back to 1pw.

The beauty of a password manager is that you can create super-secure passwords (up to 50 characters) and I don’t even know any of my passwords. The single point of weakness is the master password. If somebody gets that, they get access to all your accounts too.

And always, wherever you can, use 2FA (those that use the Google authenticator app are more secure than SMS).

(Michael Levett) #3

That looks great! Thanks for the feedback. From research I found similar platforms, but looks like 1password is highly cross compatible and at $5 a month, it’s a steal!

(Rich Akhmerov) #4

Adopted 1password and haven’t looked back since.

(Michael Levett) #5

Thanks! We’ve adopted it in the business and it’s working great! Love it!

(yann) #6

I’m using personally LastPass for 3 years.
I am also using this across the company (for shared password) and I’m pretty happy despite many improvement to do to this product.

From security point of view 1Password is “safer” as everything is stored locally not in the cloud, however by looking at the compromise between features, usability and security, I chose LastPass and never moved yet.

(Andrew Chen) #7

I think 1password is the better product, but use Lastpass because it works for my Chromebook that I occasionally use for email. Will probably switch back to 1password once the IPad Pro becomes functional enough that I can use it for whatever :slight_smile:

(Michael Levett) #8


I was looking for an alternative for all my personal stuff, so I’ll check out Lastpass. For business, 1Password is phenomenal - they even have a Chrome extension which saves me even more time.