Opportunity to promote your brand with free guest post

(agnee dariya) #1

whitepaperlisting.com is now providing tech companies an option to write guest posts. To advertise or market your product or services, you must write guests post regularly. This is a great way to promote your skills and business for free.

The guest post could be a great way to build authority in your industry with providing the latest updates, news, current trends, your opinions and experience, etc.

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(Shelly gupta) #2

Is this only available for B2B articles or could I submit articles for B2C? My startup is GiftVolo - an online marketplace for gifting thoughtful, curated, everyday services to loved ones in 3 clicks.

As you know, gifting industry is primarily focused on big brand name stores and e-tailers. GiftVolo mission is to provide small to medium merchants an even playing field in terms of competing with big stores in the digital gifting landscape.

I would appreciate a response. Thanks.