New essay: 10 years in the Bay Area – what I’ve learned

(Andrew Chen) #1

Wrote this over the weekend - a decade in the bay area flown by! Hope y’all enjoy it.

(Thiago Ghilardi) #2

To another 100 years Andrew! Thank you for showing what it takes to become successful in the valley. Tons of personal and professional advice in it. I spent a few years in the valley, but did not capitalize on relationships and business opportunities the way you did.

Keep sharing your wisdom.


(Jose Paul Martin) #3

Andrew, always enjoy reading your essays. But what surprized me was this forum - I honestly didn’t know it was around for so long! Here’s to the next decade :slight_smile:


(Jose Paul Martin) #4

Great read btw. I think I should do my version of “The Last Decade”

(Billy Runyan) #5

Know these feelings… thanks for the share and the honesty.

(Amitabh Songara) #6

Thanks for sharing the experience.

One thing I want to point out and would like to appreciate is, building a network in the industry is something everyone must focus. let’s say, there is a new entrepreneur in the area and if he is not building his/her network then he/she is losing a great chance to get noticed by many big players.