Mobile Analytics: Mixpanel verus Localytics?

(Mayank Kumar) #21

@ankitraheja Mixpanel has pretty good documentation on setup. Should be straight forward. I send around 5k notifications via Mixpanel a day. I’m using it primarily for testing. Our backend team is using an APNS library to send pushes. I believe there are quite a few options.

(Elliott Poppel) #22

Has anyone used Heap? Just had a call with sales rep and sounds too good to be true.

(Min) #23

Yes, Heap is great for quick set up and being able to see past events without pre-defining. Really awesome. But biggest downside is not having Android support in my mind, also the analytics reporting doesn’t feel as robust. I’ve only used their mobile/iOS so not sure about their web

(Toben Schwartz) #25

I stumbled upon this discussion and thought I’d chime in about a new service we use at my company. We did a pretty exhaustive evaluation of mobile analytics and marketing solutions and decided to choose Pyze. What I liked most about Pyze was that it doesn’t require you to manually define segments. Their machine learning quickly analyzes a user’s app-use and groups them into accessible and scalable segments that you can send messages to our personalize their experience. Best part was that it’s free for up to 1 million monthly active users whereas we were paying a couple of thousand dollars previously. I’d highly recommend checking it out. We felt Pyze was the best in the market for our needs.

(Emily Goldring) #26

The tools you’ve mentioned provide traditional analytics and focus on measuring key metrics, such as new users, OS being used, drop off rates, geographic breakdown and more.

But, if you want to dive into the user experience and behavior, these tools won’t tell the the full story, since they emphasize the numbers instead of the reasons. So, you’ll understand the ‘what’ and not the ‘why’. For example, you may detect that you have a low user retention, but you won’t understand why users are not returning to use your app.

So, I also suggest you to take a look at a unique user experience analytics solution called Appsee.

Briefly, Appsee helps you understand how users interact with your iOS & Android apps, by providing an extensive user experience & behavior analytics platform and analytics reports. You can watch user session recordings and look at touch heatmaps to see how users actually interact with your app.

[Disclaimer: I work for Appsee,]

(Antoine MARTIN) #27

We are a mobile only company and have been using Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, Flurry, Google Analytics, and Fabric Answers extensively over the last 5 years.

Amplitude wins by an order of magnitude.
It’s the perfect combination of feature depth & easy evangelisation inside your organisation.
With 10 events and 3 associated properties you can litterally spend 100 hours digging and continue to find new lessons from your stats.

We are using Segment for captation & warehousing so that we are not locked ever again with an antique solution.

We still use Fabric for realtime macro stats, and plan to continue.